We’ve Gone Forest!

Welcome to our new and improved classroom–the forest!  This year (2017-2018) we are spending part of every day in the woods–rain or shine!


Ever heard of Forest Kindergarten?  I am now a certified Master Forest Kindergarten Teacher, thanks to some wonderful courses offered through Southern Adventist University.  I received my training under Dr. Jean Lomino of Wauhatchie School in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It was a career-changing experience to watch a Forest Kindergarten in action and to learn how to facilitate one myself.

Since our classroom includes kindergarten through second grade, we are calling it Forest School rather than Forest Kindergarten, but the same philosophy and methods apply.


Eventually I will update all sections of this website to reflect current schedule and practices.  We still spend time in the classroom doing the same things as last year–math, phonics, reading and the rest–but we make time to play outdoors.  Some of our outdoor time includes planned academic activities or small group work, but for the most part our forest time is for children to try out their own ideas, to solve problems, to take reasonable risks, and to negotiate social situations.  Adults are standing by as needed, but we try to stay in the background so children can learn through play.

Here is an excellent article on play and children:


For an enlightening message about the importance of play, watch this:

Published by Karen Williams

I'm a mom of four, a lucky wife, and a happy camper when we hit the road headed to the mountains! I love nature and exploring God's great world. My passion is teaching and making learning fun. I feel very blessed to work with children in grades kindergarten through second grade. We call ourselves a Primary Unit because grades are not emphasized. Each child works at the appropriate level, without labels.

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